The More You Know Your Customers, The Better You Connect

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Customer Intelligence  for Banking helps retail banks transition from product-centric to customer- centric enterprises, while running leaner and smarter. CI for banking enables retail banks to create exceptional customer experiences that drive differentiation, loyalty and growth.

Banking Customer Intelligence: Seeing Your Customers With New Eyes

“Customer Intelligence is the new marketing”.

“Customer intelligence” will be the most important predictor of revenue growth and profitability”

The Appetite for customer Intelligence is growing

“Customer Intelligence Market – Expected to Reach $4.892 Million By 2020”

Customer Intelligence Market Growth of 20.4% CAGR by 2020

AI is trasforming the way that banks engage with their customers.

“Artificial intelligence can be successfully employed to provide an intelligent, convenient and informed customer experience”

World’s First Customer intelligence for Banking summit

Meet us in San Francisco and Learn How Banking on customer intelligence.


SVP, Head of Customer Insights & Analytics
Senior VP, Customer Experience Excellence
Head of Customer Experience Insights and Analytics
Senior Vice President Customer Analytics
VP Customer Intelligence
Director Customer Experience
Multi-Channel Customer and Marketing Analytics

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VP, Manager of Data Analytics
Vice President – Business Intelligence
Customer Journey Manager
Head of Customer Analytics & Strategy Execution
Director of Banking Analytics
Chief Customer Experience Officer
Director, Marketing Planning & Analytics
Client Insights Manager – Marketing Analytics


Customer intelligence- the next level of customer experience
Latest CI & Data Analytics Tools and Techniques
Derivation Of Customer Intelligence from Customer Knowledge & Customer Data
The Importance of Customer Insights in a Modern Data-driven Enterprise
Advanced Analytics for Optimizing Customer Experiences

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Using Analytics to Create Business Value & Competing on Customer Intelligence
CI & Data Analytics Tools: Why You Need Them?
Customer Data Analytics & Customer Service Personalization.
What benefits or functionality are likely to be seen coming to the market on the back of Customer Intelligence?
How Customer intelligence tools better than BI?
Is Customer Analytics the Key To Growth In Banking?
 How Predictive Analytics Are Transforming Customer Intelligence within Banks?
How can banks create a successful CRM in the digital age?




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