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We are Chattermill. We’re on a mission to empower companies with the unified customer intelligence they need to deliver exceptional customer experience and exponential business growth.

Chattermill uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to analyze customer feedback and customer support interactions across customer touchpoints for organizations to harness customer insights at scale, boost customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

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Stratifyd: takes the burden of manual analytics off your team by proactively surfacing hidden experience signals and trends 24/7 to ensure you never miss another insight. Stratifyd’s vendor-neutral approach connects experience, behavioral, and operational data to remove data blind spots, uncover prescriptive insights, and enable smarter decisions. Now your business can stay ahead of your customers and the competition. Our Experience Analytics Platform powered by Smart AI is trusted by startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies to improve experiences across channels, drive efficiencies, and increase employee and customer loyalty. To learn more about our no-code approach to AI, visit

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Zen3: works with some of the biggest names in tech because they have a proven ability to support large projects involving complex, cutting-edge technologies – all while using the best practices necessary to ensure that their work stays tightly aligned with client goals. With over 1300+ professionals distributed across their 3 global delivery centers, they have the ability to scale and support, even the most ambitious technology initiatives. Their clients gain access to an extensive talent sourcing capabilities, deep knowledge base, expansive roster of experts and our absolute dedication to delivering elite quality business technology solutions.

Sayint: While the voice of customers can tell banks and NBFCs volumes about their customers, performance, and how to deliver exceptional service, selective sampling of conversations can hamper this effort. That is where Sayint helps.

Sayint, Zen3’s speech analytics solution, is an omnichannel, conversational analytics platform which uses cutting-edge AI, ML, and NLP to capture 100% of customer conversations and analyzes themhelp businesses make data-driven decisions.

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Datafloq: Offers information, insights and opportunities to drive innovation with big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. It is the best place to find talent, receive leads or share your knowledge with millions of users. Visit today for more information.

Cognilytica: Runs a number of AI-focused, industry-specific peer groups focused on exclusive networking and making meaningful connections. We bring together influential and thought-leading implementers, end users and professional service and technology firms. Each year we open up the peer group to select few new participants.

World Finance Informs: Is a B2B news and media platform designed to provide the latest updates and happenings to the products and service providers within the finance industry.

BNT Bitnewstoday: Bitnewstoday is an international informational and analytical web-source devoted to the digital economy. Our authors monitor and cover such spheres as state regulation of the digital economy; investments;blockchain and its implementation; cryptocurrencies and their rates; FinTech; ICO/STO; artificial intelligence and neural networks;crypto exchanges and investment funds; cybersecurity, crimes and data protection.
The team of Bitnewstoday analytics is presented by industry experts, opinion leaders, and influencers, as well as business representatives. We do our best to provide our readers with the full picture of the global technological transformations which disrupt and shift the modern economy.

Fintech Finance: works with prominent executives in the industry to provide key decision-makers globally within the foremost financial services organizations with consistent and accurate intelligence on emerging trends, breakthrough technologies and stimulating developments, helping them to make informed decisions. At Fintech Finance, we produce monthly video episodes looking at range of topics within financial services, as well as attending some of the most prominent events within the sector.

Smart Insights, by Intelling a blog about the Secure Transactions industry. Smart Insights covers the smart card and secure transactions industry, its businesses, its technologies, its markets as well as its technology suppliers. Smart Insights covers all the major trends in the industry, it encompasses worldwide business, standardization bodies … Smart Insights is brought to you by Intelling, the secure transactions industry expert. Intelling proposes services in communication, strategy, marketing and market intelligence, with a strong focus on all markets relating to the secure transactions industry. More information at and

Mobile ID World: is here to bring you the latest on mobile authentication solutions and application providers. Our company is dedicated to providing users with the best content and cutting edge information on technology, news, and mobile solutions for your mobile identity management needs.
From the same minds that brought you FindBiometrics, Mobile ID World is committed to bringing you the best information, in a quick, contextual, and comprehensive way. Mobile ID World is your authorized go-to source for everything in strong mobile authentication. This includes: M2M, NFC, access control, biometrics enabled smartphones and anything that promises to make life more convenient and secure.

Papercrowd: Is a free, community-driven, directory of academic conferences. Organizers use PaperCrowd to find new researchers for their event. Researchers use PaperCrowd to find new conferences they wish to attend.

FinTech Futures: FinTech Futures is a digital publishing platform for the worldwide fintech community.

Built on the renowned Banking Technology brand, FF provides daily news, analysis and expert commentary across a comprehensive range of areas :  FinTech , BankingTech , PayTech , RegTech , WealthTech , LendTech , InsurTech

Our broad readership and solid reputation, combined with in-depth coverage across fintech on a worldwide scale, makes us the leading resource for technology buyers, sellers, developers, integrators and other specialists across the sector.

CryptoNewsZ: is a News Publication that brings the latest news on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ICOs, crypto exchanges, DApps, price analysis of cryptocurrencies, interviews and other prominent events for the crypto community.
We aim to evolve the crypto world and help people understand each and every concept. Ours is a commercial website providing exclusive news and information with an extensive reach of users across the globe.