Amsterdam Agenda

Draft Agenda

Time Schedule
8:30  Registration and Morning Coffee
9:00 Conference Chair’s Opening Remarks
Senior executive  | (TBC)
Session 1
09:10- 10:00 Opening power – Panel session
Customer Intelligence Industry Overview.

Purpose of customer intelligence in banking?

Importance of customer intelligence in banking?

How banks and their Customers can benefit from Customer Intelligence?

Customer Intelligence Tools: Why You Need Them?

How Customer intelligence tools better than BI?

Open Banking &the Customer Experience.

Are Digital Humans The Future Of Engagement?

How an investment in customer intelligence could have yielded great gains for a prominent bank?

Is customer analytics is key growth in banking?

How banks can retain customers with the help of Customer Intelligence.

How Chabot and AI can transform the banking experience?

Senior executive | panelist (TBC)

10:00-10:25 Opening Keynote Session (Reserved for main Sponsor)
10:25-10:50 Building True Customer intelligence for banking.
Alain Glickman Porush |Interim Director Customer Development and Analysis| Argenta Bank
10: 50 11:10 Continuous Experimentation Customer Intelligence
Kevin Anderson | Manager Data Analytics | ING
11:10- 11:30 How can banks create a successful CRM in the digital age?
Fidor Presence Background History Product Overview

CRM Basics inc. Segmentation, Personalisation and Campaign Management (e.g. Customer Journey)

CRM In Banking (Segmentation and Personalisation Examples as well as Campaigns that can be successful for their banks’ customers)

Antonis Gkekas | CRM & Dialougemarketing Manager | Fidor Bank AG

11:30-11:50 Networking and coffee break
Session 2
11:50-12:15 Reserved for Sponsor(TBC)
12:15-12:40 Customer Intelligence – at ABN AMRO
Nieske Van Woerden| Product Owner Customer Insights Engine |ABN AMRO (Confirmed)
12:40-13:00 The Importance of Customer Insights in a Modern Data-driven Enterprise
Storytelling and Data Visualization for Effective Communications Data

Customer Data Analytics & Customer Service Personalization

Sanne Kurtzmann | Customer insights Analyst | Danske Bank (Confirmed)

13:00-14:00 Networking Lunch
Session 3
14:00 How Open Banking & GDPR help Customer Insights? (Panel Session – 2)
Senior executive | panelist (TBC)
14:30-14:55 Reserved for sponsor
Senior executive | (TBC)
14:55-15:20 Customer intelligence to great customer experience in a world of Open Banking
Ruben Overkemping |Global Black Belt Customer Engagement FSI – EMEA | Microsoft Corporation
15:20-15:40 Customer Experience at ScaleHow you can improve the Customer Experience
How to scale CX within large organizations

What does it take to make the voice of the customer the heartbeat of organizations? (with regard to technology/organizations capabilities/expertise)

Jeroen van Deurzen |Founder & Partner | The Experience Professional

15:40-16:00 Networking and Coffee Break
Session 4
16:00-16:25 Customer Intelligence – Pricing Optimization
New analytical-challenge: implementation of machine learning models in bank’s real time environment

How we modify consumer loans interest rates based on customer price sensitivity in Internet Banking and Smart Banking with out impacting volumes considerably

My vision of the future of customer intelligence in banking

PetrPtacnik | CRM Manager – Head of Data Analytics | Moneta Money Bank (Confirmed)

16:25-16:50 How you can improve the Customer Experience
By knowing the Customer Journey

By using the correct Customer Intelligence to support it

Roland Heeremans | Customer Journey Expert-Specialist Search & Intelligent Assistance ING Nederland

16:50-17:10  Keynote Reserved for Sponsor
 Senior Executive| (TBC)
17:10-17:20 Closing Remarks by Conference Chair
17:20 END